my music taste could not possibly be more atrocious. frankly, I think I've hit the peak in terms of embarrassment. here's a little overview of my recently played: mike tsang, deng ziqi, xnine, mao buyi, zhou shen, jackson yee, the untamed ost soundtrack, namewee, the into the night garden soundtrack, random video game music, danny gonzalez, poppy, abba. three months ago, I didn't even have any english songs on my playlist. what I'm doing with spooky boy on loop I have no idea. anyways, that was my june music recap.

I've got a bunch more media I'm aiming to get to this month, namely watch both seasons of the legend of yunze and staying ten feet away from 2ha. I need more sapphic media in my life. Please drop your suggestions once I figure out how to add a c-box to this page.

mini life goals: hmm, I really do want a 4.0 gpa this term (up from my 2-point-something last year and my 3.17 last semester... cheers to mugging, I suppose. My exams start in approximately 2 weeks. Other than that, I really do want to learn more about game dev. I've never been allowed to game, but indie games are simply too good to resist. if I can't purchase a game, why not make my own? well, here comes the cocky confidence spelling my downfall. amazing. that's about all I got for now, have a lovely day ahead you amazing people!

lots of love,